BigBear Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


BigBear Pharmaceutical is one of the regular chemical pharmaceutical companies in Laos. Accompanied by investors and the Minister of Health of Laos, after two years of investigation, the factory was finally located in the capital of Laos ,Vientiane.  Preparations began in 2020, and the factory was completed in 2021. The general factory invested a lot of money in industrial upgrading, built a production workshop with an international advanced production level, and made important contributions to changing the situation of lack of medical care and medicine in Laos.


Over the past two years, BigBear Pharmaceutical has continued to innovate, operate steadily, and has gradually grown. The business scope has been continuously expanded, and the development performance has remained excellent. The main economic indicators have always been at the forefront of the same industry in Laos.  It marks that BigBear Pharmaceutical has opened a new chapter in building a leading world-class modern pharmaceutical group in Laos.


Rank in the field


BigBear Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the corporate mission of "Health Star, Caring for the People", caring for public health, promoting advanced generic drugs, fulfilling social responsibilities, pursuing excellent quality, and building a trusted brand.  The company's main representative products are: liver diseases, lung diseases, blood & tumors, chronic diseases, etc., with its scale advantages, technological advantages, quality advantages and brand advantages, which have been praised by the Ministry of Health of Laos.  .


Quality advantage


BigBear Pharmaceutical regards quality as life. Since the establishment of the factory, it has implemented total quality management (TQM) and established a complete and effective quality management system. All links in the production process are implemented in accordance with GMP standards. It has a very high quality reputation in domestic and foreign markets.  At present, it has passed the new GMP certification of Laos, and obtained the new GMP certificate, which is at the forefront of the industry.  At the same time, the company has successively introduced several sets of production equipment and testing instruments with international advanced level. It has automatic granule manufacturing and packaging equipment, soft capsule manufacturing equipment, hard capsule filling equipment, tablet press equipment, capsule packaging equipment and high performance liquid chromatography and other advanced equipment.


Development strategy


In the next few years, BigBear Pharmaceutical will adhere to the guidance of the scientific development concept, adhering to the corporate purpose of "human health first, quality always first", and in accordance with the development strategy of "overall integration, innovation, optimization, upgrading, refinement and strength",  Strive to build the enterprise into a "leading in innovation, intensive and efficient, open and win-win, harmonious and prosperous" enterprise through three to five years of efforts, and build it into a compact, high-efficiency, sustainable and world-leading modern pharmaceutical group.